December 16th 2023

Gracenote making many lineup changes!

*12/21 UPDATE* SD-DD code wasn't properly dealing with lineups containing only expired stations! You may need to change lineups

*UPDATE* many SD-DD users received an email in error. If your lineup is still there, you're ok. Sorry!

Gracenote notified us a little over a month ago they were going to be renaming a bunch of lineups starting on Dec 13th. We sent a notice to affected JSON users on the 3rd to give folks time to change. We were swamped with tickets because the new lineup names weren't in the system yet! (sorry about that)

Well, the changes have started to hit! So, if your lineup has gone away, choose a new one. Many analog lineups have gone away (use a digital one), and duplicate lineups have been removed. We should still have a lineup that works for you, but you probably need to choose a new one in your application (SD-JSON users), or on our website and your application (SD-DD users).

If you're having trouble, best to start with your application support forum, but if the problem is on the SD end use Lineup Support.

We tried for a graceful transition, but Gracenote didn't provide for it.