August 9th 2007

Schedules Direct Announces Initial Pricing

The answer to everyone's top question is.... $15 / 3 months non-recurring.

That's too much money!
Sorry... until we have some idea as to the subscriber count we need to make sure we can pay the bills. We expect pricing to drop by the end of the initial term. Our goal is $20/year.

Why don't you offer recurring pricing?
We expect to lower the price and offer other terms after the first quarter, so you'd need to switch to a different subscription plan at that time anyway.

Why don't you offer lifetime subscriptions?
Kinda early to say we won't, but probably not. We're looking for a long-term solution and it's not fiscally prudent when we don't know what our long-term costs will be. Remember we're just offering a data service, not hardware that has a 2-6 year lifetime. Our goal is to provide quality data at the lowest possible price. If you want to donate $10k or so, we'll consider a lifetime subscription. :)

I refuse to get a Paypal account!
The initial rollout will not require a Paypal account (but will offer Paypal CC processing). We're looking into alternatives. Paypal was quick, and we had developers experienced using it. (Quick is important... we don't have much time).

Great! When can I sign up?
As soon as we're ready and not a moment sooner. Ok, you'll probably be able to sign up before we're really ready. But then we'll fix things and most folks will be happy. This is rapid development after all.

An announce mailing list has been set up. Click HERE. Look for a forum or user mailing list soon.